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Update Friday Oct 31 9pm

I’ve got just a minor update from Scott, apparently Aaron has been pulling his feeding tube out pretty regularly, so they have put him in mitts to prevent that. That’s all I’ve got for today, I’ll update with more when I get word. Happy Halloween, Clarkie!

Hello from Team Clarkie

Hi everyone…another update from across the ocean. As Alex mentioned Aaron is now well settled into the Rehabilitation unit.  It took him a little while to adjust to the new environment and despite having another crack (and successful one) at pulling all tubes out, he is doing well and getting stronger every day.  He is also [...]

Update Thursday Oct 30 4pm

Scott reports that Clarkie is still up in rehab and has managed to stay out of the ICU. The infection in his lungs as been hard on him, he’s been coughing up stuff through the trach tube to try clear his lungs. This caused him to not sleep well last night and he’s been fairly [...]

Reminder: Yunkyard Ink pumpkin carving contest

Here’s a reminder for the Junkyard Ink pumpkin carving contest going on this Saturday. They are putting on a hell of a party with all proceeds going to help Aaron, so sharpen up those knives and pull the guts out of some pumpkins for your chance to win some great prizes.

Update Wednesday Oct 29 2pm

Scott tells me that it looks like Aaron will be moved back to rehab today, so out of the ICU. I asked about the recent infection issues, and he said that the hospital has another rehab patient with MRSA with whom Aaron will be able to share a room.

The latest via NZ

Hi Team   I have arrived back in NZ and have only just been able to get online so apologies for the delay.  I only have a few minutes right now but I will be making a post daily after getting a full update from Mum and Dad during the day as to Aaron’s progress. [...]

Update Tuesday Oct 28 3pm

Scott sends word that unfortunately Aaron has come down with MRSA, which is basically a resistant form of bacteria that causes difficult-to-treat infections. Apparently this is common and also contagious to other patients in the hospital, so the family has to wear gloves and gowns when they enter his room. He also still has the [...]

Update Monday Oct 27 2pm

Scott has sent me a couple updates today that I’ll aggregate into one. Aaron has been sleeping a lot today, he looks pretty tired. The doctors found another infection in his lungs, basically another version of pneumonia. His blood is clear of infection, which is good news. He is being treated with antibiotics for the [...]

Profits from Jamie James Riding School at Barber to benefit Clarkie!

I’ve just been sent this news, sounds like an awesome event! Huge thanks to ECOSSE Moto Works and Jamie James for making this happen. ECOSSE Moto Works (Don Atchison MRA #18) has worked with Jamie James Yamaha Champions Riding School to help support Aaron Clark. Jamie will donate his profits from the last school of [...]

Reminder: No visitors until further notice

Aaron’s family have asked me to remind everybody that they are not allowing any visitors for the time being, and they will post here when visitations have been opened up again. I know we all want to help in any way possible, but please respect Aaron and his family’s need for some rest and recovery [...]